What Is A Pleated Skirt?

What do you wear with a pleated skirt?

To wear a pleated skirt, always tuck your top into it, which will highlight your waist. You can wear a casual top to dress the skirt down, like a t-shirt or a tank top, or you can wear a formal top if you’re going to work, like a button-up or a blouse.

How do I look thinner in a pleated skirt?

Styles That Flatter Your Figure And Make You Look Slimmer | TODAY

Are pleated skirts flattering?

Pleated Skirt Trend

Luckily mid-length and maxi skirts are totally on-trend and they are sophisticated and flattering in pleated styles. Look for sunray pleats, which are basically accordion pleats that start out smaller at the waist and get larger toward the hem. The last thing you want is more fullness at the waist!

How many types of pleats are there?

6 different types

Are pleated skirts in Style 2020?

Pleated Skirts Are Back In Style. If there is a trend you definitely don’t want to miss this season, then it’s a pleated skirt. Yes, this bottom piece is back in style now and we see pleats are making a surprising resurgence.

What shoes go with a pleated skirt?

It can be an ideal choice to wear with a simple t-shirt and sneakers, or you can match it with feminine tops and sexy heels. Midi Pleated Skirt and boots is a nice combo. You can play with different length boots, starting with ankle-boots to thigh-high ones.