Spray Skirt For Sun Dolphin Kayak?

Do I need a spray skirt for my kayak?

When air and water are warm, you may be more comfortable without a spray skirt because it can make things a little stuffy inside your sit-in kayak.

If the water is very choppy, though, you’ll want a spray skirt because waves washing over the deck could destabilize and eventually swamp your boat.

What is a spray skirt for a kayak?

A spraydeck (sprayskirt in N. America, akuilisaq or tuiitsoq in Greenland) is a flexible waterproof cover for a boat (in particular for a kayak or a canoe) with holes for the passengers’ waists. Spraydecks are used to prevent water from entering the boat while allowing passengers to paddle or row.

How do you use a spray skirt on a kayak?

How to put on a spray skirt –

How do you size a kayak spray skirt?

The most accurate measurement for skirt fit is the circumference of your rim taken around the outside edge of your cockpit rim. Most common rim circumferences can be found at skirtfit.com. If your boat is not listed, you can measure it with a fabric measuring tape.