Easy Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern?

How do you make a quilted Christmas tree skirt?

Quilt An Adorable Christmas Tree Skirt –

How many yards of fabric do I need for a Christmas tree skirt?

For a 6′ tall tree, your skirt should be at least 44″ round (or 112cm). You will need two circles of fabric, so you will need 2½ yards of fabric (assuming the bolt of fabric is at least 44″ wide) – or 1¼ yards of each if using contrasting fabrics top and bottom.

How do you make a large tree skirt?

DIY Giant Tree Skirt for Christmas Tree –

How do you make a tree skirt blanket?

Fold the blanket into quarters. In the center, cut a circle {as shown below} just large enough to fit the tree trunk {if you’re using an artificial tree that won’t need to be watered or an inch and a half larger for a real tree}. Cut across line shown to wrap around the base of the tree.